Every soap bar is handmade by Yacintah (Ghent), local and biological.

All of the ingredients are bought directly from the farmer or producer.

For more scents and information: www.adamazeep.com


Bol.L provides four regular soap bars (no shampoos).

Receive a little discount when combined with a boob dish (available on the product page of the boob dishes).


  • Goudsbloem (marigold)

This bar of soap is unscented, very soft and luxuriously creamy, which makes it suitable for the most sensitive skin. It's a mixture of soft butters and oils such as shea & cocoa butter, avocado & jojoba oil. With the Marigold extract processed in olive oil that leaves your hands and body feeling silky soft.Great for babies, children and those with irritated skin conditions.


  • Rooibos & Geranium

A lovely rose scent due to the Geranium. Rooibos tea has an abundance of natural antioxidants, so it's good for inflamed or irritated skin. The red clay creates a luxurious and creamy feeling.


  • Jeneverbes (juniper berry)

The juniper berry soap has a fresh, spicy and woody scent that has a stimulating and uplifting effect.
In skin care, juniper is known for its antibacterial qualities and is thus used as a stimulating oil for acne and other skin inflammations.
The soap also contains nourishing butter and oils such as almond oil and shea butter.


  • Lavendel (lavender)

This soap is a nice basic soap that contains only four ingredients; Olive oil, lavender hydrolate, lavender essential oil and alkannet root.
Because this soap only consists of olive oil, it will foam a little less hard, but will last much longer than other soaps. Olive oil has been used in soap for thousands of years.

Adama Soap Bar

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